Terry Miller’s Connection to “She-Wolf”

Terry is a 50 year old electrical contractor in partnership with his son, Brian Miller, who is also participating in EGSFF. Together, they created Ridge Runner Media, a video and photography business. He selected “She-Wolf,” a story by Michelle Fleming, as his inspiration for a film in the 2013 festival.

She wolf.
I was instantly drawn to this story because it related to an event that happened when I was 14 years old and then another later at age 15.
Hunting in the woods and fields surrounding my grandparent’s country home was an adventure for me. The thrill of the hunt is where the excitement came into play. Realizing a dislike for killing things ended the big hunter phase of my life, but that is another story.
My grandfather told me that some wild dogs had been roaming the area and they had killed several farm animals on surrounding farms. Wild dogs seemed to add to the adventure of the day while walking across the approximately 1 mile field across the street from their house and while wandering in the woods beyond. With my trusty 20 gauge shotgun at hand there was no fear. It was getting close to dark and the sound of rustling leaves became obvious in the distance but nothing could be seen. I made my way to the edge of the field as quick as I could. I knew I was being followed and felt my chances were better in an open field. Sure enough dogs started to appear out of the woods. They worked their way out and around me in the field as I made my way toward the grandparent’s house. They stalked me for most of the way back to the house and with only a single shot shotgun and 5 or 6 dogs I suddenly felt at a great disadvantage. The adventure turned into something that could be described more as a nightmare. The “great hunter” had transformed into a very tense survivalist.
They started out about 30 or 40 yards away. Look at one dog and the others would advance. Look away from that dog and focus on another and it would stop but the others would continue to advance. They were obviously a well organized pack. They finally backed off when I got close to the house and after several shots fired into the air in hopes of scaring them off. My fear was if you shoot one dog the others may charge in before you could reload. This was definitely an experience one does not forget.
The second event was an actual attack by a German shepherd on me. While walking to school one morning the neighbor’s dog was tied to a front porch post. It stared me down as I walked past with this low growl. Getting past the house it felt like everything was OK until I heard the pounding of the dogs feet against the pavement at a very fast pace coming up behind me. Instinct kicked in I guess as I whipped around and threw my arm up which landed in the dogs wide open mouth as it came flying through the air at full speed. The impact of its weight nearly knocked me over. I instantly drove my fist into the dog’s nose hard. It backed off with a bit of a bloody nose. It continued to follow and bark for a good ways but did not approach again.
Given this history with dogs “She Wolf” was the first choice. All stories were read but this was it for me.
So far this experience has been great. I have talked with Michelle to get info relating to what inspired her and how I could represent what she had in mind as she wrote this story. The time era it should take place in and the basic set details that would again represent her vision. We seem to hit it off and she will be involved more as this adventure progresses.
Thanks to everyone involved in making this project possible.

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  1. Ron Hagell

    Great story as well! This was our second choice story, She Wolf, it is a good one. Can’t wait to see your version. Let us know if you need any help. We are still looking to fill various crew slots on Living the Dream.