the Scared is scared: Changing Messages

I think the phrase “wisdom from the mouth of babes” is rather fitting here. 

I wanted to share this short film because, as it was shared with me, it has a message that somewhat changes… it evolves and becomes something much deeper. 

This process is one that, I’m sure, was replicated among our filmmakers and writers as they were crafting their films and their stories. What started off as a simple journey of two animals having a great time at the pool turned into a stance on closure, fear and letting go. 

As our artists started their stories, did their message change? Did it grow into something deeper? 

Even looking at this film, it’s easy to tell that, for just seven minutes worth of film, it took a lot of people and work to make it come together. Each person involved in the film added their own touch of personality–whether it was in the music, costume design or in the set– and added to the filmmaker’s original design to make it… more. If say, for example, the music had a rockier, harder sound, we might think quite differently about the message of the film. But all of the film’s components came together, meshing with the theme of the story and producing something that we all can think about when times get rough: “the Scared is scared of things you like.” 

What will our artists say with their works? And, likewise, what will their works say to us? 

Thanks for watching! Don’t forget to get your tickets now before we are completely sold out! 



Alf the Intern 

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