EGSFF Youth Project: Brent Tyler

Brent Tyler of Dr. Epps’s creative writing class loves to read, write, play video games, and swim. When Dr. Epps asked him what his favorite movie was, he said “To be honest, I do not have a favorite movie.” He’s an albino and is something of an advocate for those like himself; he’s very good at informing others about albinism. He’s currently a senior at Spartanburg High and is looking forward to going to college next year. In this entry, Brent shares with us his experience working on the EGSFF Youth Project. 

            Well, I have done many things in my life, but I would say working on this film would have to be one of the more interesting things I have done. I grew up in a place where we never got chances to do things like this and have fun with them. Working on this project has exposed me to events that I had no idea existed.

            The poem we are using reflects the way I grew up and the way my parents tried to raise me (at least for a little while). Another cool thing is that in the editing we might be using computer software I used to only wish to use and the MacBook Pro which I have never seen in person. I am so excited to see how this will turn out.

            Some of the film producers came to see us; it was so enlightening and beneficial. I learned so much from them. This opportunity has helped fuel my motto of how anything can be accomplished; just follow your dreams to achieve what you will in life. I’ve gone through many hardships, but that is just an aspect of life. Seeing how these people make their films and how we will make ours has renewed my spirit. I will continue to help with our film and help to make sure it is a success. Who knows—we might be famous.

            I will end with this: I will learn from this and take it with me for the rest of my life. To be honest, this is something I think most people should do in their lifetimes; it gives people a sense of accomplishment so to speak. I will carry this with me. I am glad to be a part pf it.

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