Author Michelle Fleming Divulges a Little Secret

Photo courtesy of Michelle Fleming’s Facebook page and Adventure Photography & Creative Arts. 

I think all writers are crazy.  We create characters and have them running around in our heads—real and breathing, talking and interacting with us—whether anybody else can see them or not. 

My short-story, She-Wolf, was written as part of a workshop with author Peter Selgin while I was getting my BFA at Converse College.  By the end of the workshop, my main character Caroline felt real enough to me that I wished we could have been friends.  When the call for submissions for Expecting Goodness went out, I submitted She-Wolf, wondering if Caroline would seem as real to anyone else as she did to me. 

When my story was selected and I met my film maker Terry Miller at the launch party, it was a fantastic moment.  There I was surrounded by dozens of people who have extensive careers in bringing the imaginary to life in print and on the screen. 

After months of Caroline existing only in my head or on paper, I was discussing the details of her life with Terry—down to what would be on the walls in her room—and meeting the actors for the film.  Seeing the little girl who would be Caroline was completely surreal; sure, she had existed for me for months, but seeing her sitting across from me, munching on pizza and chatting with her brother, was a completely different feeling.  This transition between mediums has been the coolest part of the film festival. 

I didn’t watch any of the filming of She-Wolf (the dates conflicted with the two other, awesome films I’ve been working through the festival, I think I’ve got the bug) and I’m kind of glad.  I can’t wait to see the finished product, when I get to watch Caroline come alive in the way that Terry and his crew envision her. 

So yes, writers may be crazy, but thank goodness we’re not the only ones.


Michelle Fleming

Author, “She-Wolf”

February 2013

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