EGSFF Youth Project: Harrison Kennedy

Harrison Kennedy is  an 18-year-old senior at Spartanburg High School. He plays for the lacrosse team and is a member of Interact, Outdoors, and Tippers Clubs. Outside school he is a Wyldlife leader and loves just hanging out with his friends. “Education wise,” he says, “I am more of a math student and am going to Wofford College intending on majoring in finance and/or accounting. Recently I have discovered that I like to write poetry a lot during class and read educational articles about the environment.”

               This project has benefited our class beyond what we thought we could realize in the filming world. Throughout this project, many people have come to show us the how to, what to, when to, and so on to create the greatest film known to man– or, at least, known to Spartan High. We would like to thank everyone for the help. And trust me when I say that the help we have gotten will benefit the film from shot to shot.

            As of now in our project, we have been filming and are soon to upload our videos to the computer. This will make up most of our week, and we have a plan for how we will put all of our pieces together. Hopefully it will work as intended, and we will show how much we have been helped and prove the point that high school kids are capable of hanging with the best in the business.

            For our film “Sweet Tea,” based on John Lane’s poem of the same name, we have been shooting people of many ethnicities, different voices, unique faces, and anything else that might strike viewers of our short film. We are designing this to highlight multiple aspects of and places in Spartanburg to get a good reaction from the Hub City and Hub-Bub audience. Many shots of people have been filmed, and we are getting John Lane, the author of the poem, to read out parts of the poem him, a feature which we thought would convey how this poem actually describes the reality of the South.

            To finish off, we will continue our hard work with anything and everything given to us. We could not feel any more honored to have this project and to have such major people in the business help us out. Dr. Epps will make sure, along with my very prestigious classmates, that we will not let anyone down!

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