EGSFF Youth Project: Jamie Means

Jamie Means, pictured far left, is a Junior at Spartanburg High School, where she is a member of the Orchestra, the Colorguard, Beta Club, and the Basketball Cheerleaders. She also performs jazz and modern dance, which she smiles broadly about when asked. When she graduates from SHS, she hopes to attend Hampton University in Virginia.

               Doing this project has given me a much different look at the film industry. It is much more than famous actors and actresses and upscale outfits. There is a complex process behind all of the factors that go into making films. There are different rules such as the 30 degree rule and the 180 degree rule. There are also important things to remember like getting enough coverage for the editing process and making sure that you correctly format your shot list, story board, and script. There is also remembering to make the music and your shots flow together. All of these tips add quality to whatever you are making.

                Aside from the hard work part, there is the fun part. After talking to some experts such as Ron Hagell, Shirley Smith, and Kari Jackson, just to name a few, I find filmmaking to be a fun thing to get into. You are able to express your creative side. You are also able to tell a story of your choice. You get to make your artwork, film, as fun as you might want it; it can be made to show off your interests. However a producer might conduct his or her film, he or she is engaging in a world of its own, a language of its own that will speak in many volumes. Aside from the technical things, this has been a great learning experience, and I look forward to the showcasing event in March.

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