Drew Baron Sheds More Light on “Pretty Pitiful God”

Photo courtesy of Drew Baron’s Facebook page. 

Deno Trakas’ short story, Pretty Pitiful God, revolves around two teenagers’ chance meeting of famed beat writer, Jack Kerouac, in 1969. Wayne, the teenage lead, finds his idol Jack Kerouac, deep in his downward spiral, to be far different than his expectations. This is a feeling, of actuality not living up to expectations, is one I can relate to filmmaking. Watching movies with an untrained eye, people do not recognize the depth of skill, knowledge, and manpower that goes into a movie production. When I first dreamed of being a filmmaker, I had little concept of how many positions were needed on a set. Every member of the cast and crew function as cogs to a well-oiled machine.

While making a movie can be a difficult and stressful process, it is all overshadowed by the excitement and enduring euphoria of the experience. This is thanks, in part, to our vital and skilled cast and crew of 24 dedicated individuals. Everyone knew their role and respected each other, allowing the production to run like clock work. Respect and synchronization are key to running a successful production. You have to trust the people that work with you and value their input. After all, we are all working for the same goal: to make a great movie. In particular, shooting a period piece requires its own set of complications. We were very lucky to have a dedicated and knowledgeable art and makeup department to guide the production in the right direction. It also helped having five sets of extra eyes to point out the high definition flat screen in the shot.

Now, I am not saying that having a good crew is going to make your production run with no challenges; we ran into our share of mishaps (including someone being locked in the bathroom for 40 minutes). But every member lends their time and energy into making your vision into something tangible, and it is important to remind them how appreciative you are. I am so grateful for everyone’s aid in creating this movie and all the wonderful memories.

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